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Scotland…and the Scots Emulsion
June 17, 2008

The Border StoneGotcha!!!!….hahaha, to be honest…I dunno what is the relationship between Scots Emulsion with Scotland, hihihi..

Anyway, I really find Scotland is a beautiful place, bear in mind that I only visited Edinburgh. Along the journey from Durham to Edinburgh was quite pleasant. Approaching the Land of Scottish, the view become more beautiful, sunny and very very European! I know UK is belongs to European continent, but then…I find that UK is a bit gloomy compared to Germany. However, when I came to Scotland, then I realized that I can find a similar place like Munich, here in at 99p?in your dreams

There was one funny thing happened. We were thirsty at that time (though the weather is a bit cold and windy). So we wanted to buy ice-creams as it looked delicious and appealing. The advertisement board showed it as ‘Flake99’. So, we were suprised to see the ice-cream as cheap as 99p.¬†Thus, abg Nik dengan selamba kataknya meminta the cone ice-cream and gave out a pound coin as payment…hahaha, actually, Flake99 is the name of the ice-cream and the price is 2pounds. So end up we paid 6pounds for 3 cones…

In a nutshell, Edinburgh is an attractive place, and worthwhile to visit.

 View near the Scotland-England border