Pounds, EPL & ‘signature’
October 18, 2008

I still remember while I was in Malaysia, every nite during the weekends, surely I will plant myself in front of the tv to watch the so dubbed as the femes football league in the world, the EPL.

But then, on 4th Oct…yahooo!!!! Finally I got the opportunity to watch the game, live…to feel the surrounding (which was cold..very very cold) here, in the English Land to watch the English League. So the match that I watched was Sunderland against Arsenal, at the Stadium of Light. We (since the small convoy led by Abg Zul Hasan, Abg Amir, Abg Zul’s relative..x igt nama dahh and me) went there after the Zuhr prayer.

So, first time entering the stadium, fuiyyoo…quite nice and cute the condition in the Stadium of Light. From the roof seating (or corner seating) we can see the view very clear and satisfactory. So, the game went on smoothly, meanwhile abg Zul has been reminded not to record the game via his sophisticated video camera (since Malaysian is very well known with stubborness…he still recording the game secretly..hehehe). So, first half was 0-0. Then, second half begun and Sunderland scored the 1st goal!!!…Yahoo…Arsenal kalah!!!…bestnya..

But, the wiseman once said “good team will find their way in the end”…so did Arsenal as they managed to equalised in the dying minutes and the game ended 1-1. Overall, I was satisfied, since I can see the game clearly, and I must tell you that I got the Kolo Toure’s signature after the game. Hehehehe…best ooo….even though I`m not the Arsenal fan, but to have his signature is a great feeling.

So, what is my sacrifice for the game?

  • I can’t celebrate when Arsenal scored since I am in the middle of Sunderland aka The Black Cat supporters.
  • 28 pounds…gone after 90 minutes (plus 4minutes additional time).
  • I have to seat patiently in the cold condition (lucky abg Amir lent me gloves)

But, I am looking forward to see other mathces in the future…If I got $ lahh, of course meh~

Scotland…and the Scots Emulsion
June 17, 2008

The Border StoneGotcha!!!!….hahaha, to be honest…I dunno what is the relationship between Scots Emulsion with Scotland, hihihi..

Anyway, I really find Scotland is a beautiful place, bear in mind that I only visited Edinburgh. Along the journey from Durham to Edinburgh was quite pleasant. Approaching the Land of Scottish, the view become more beautiful, sunny and very very European! I know UK is belongs to European continent, but then…I find that UK is a bit gloomy compared to Germany. However, when I came to Scotland, then I realized that I can find a similar place like Munich, here in Scotland.ice-cream at 99p?in your dreams

There was one funny thing happened. We were thirsty at that time (though the weather is a bit cold and windy). So we wanted to buy ice-creams as it looked delicious and appealing. The advertisement board showed it as ‘Flake99’. So, we were suprised to see the ice-cream as cheap as 99p.¬†Thus, abg Nik dengan selamba kataknya meminta the cone ice-cream and gave out a pound coin as payment…hahaha, actually, Flake99 is the name of the ice-cream and the price is 2pounds. So end up we paid 6pounds for 3 cones…

In a nutshell, Edinburgh is an attractive place, and worthwhile to visit.

 View near the Scotland-England border