Find Your Luck at Bishop Auckland
May 5, 2008

I went to Bishop Auckland last week ( 27/4/2008 ) with my friend, a new comer to Durham, Lutfi. There is no specific purpose to go there except for wasting our time and money…HELLO!!! The money is denominated in POUND yerr..!!! is not a cheap currency, bear in mind please…hahaha.

So, the journey by train kindda ridiculous in the sense that if you go there by taking road transportations like bus, taxi etc..the journey should be much simpler and straight forward. However, if you feel that you don’t have anything to do and your pocket kindda thick with monies, then train is the best method for you..hahaha. By boarding a train, you have to stop at Darlington first, before taking another train to Bishop Auckland. Anyway, it was a good experience since I can drop by at Darlington and snapped a pic there. Do u know where the name Darlington is coming from? don’t allow me to tell you the meaning of Darlington. Darlington means a place whereby many darlings come down to stop for a while before continuing their journey to Bishop Auckland. Is it true??? No of course not!haha…

So, to make it shorter, Bishop Auckland is really a nice place with the scenery of country side. For me, it is really a typical English ‘kampung’ with sheeps, tiny roads, compressed buildings located in the heart of the town, a unique church design and if you are lucky, you can see boys handling horse cart. I saw them last week, means that I am a lucky guy.

Apart from that, I do enjoy talking with the gate keeper of the Roman Bath. He was really a nice guy with a typical English jokes. Amongst the topics that were chatted was football.

Me:…So what is your favorite football club then..?

The guy: Should I tell you…err..(with cynical way of staring)

Me: Yes, please. I would like to know…

The guy: I’m from Manchester…guess you should know then..

Me:Ohh..ic..err by the way…yo got two teams there….

The guy:Ohh no no…there is only 1 team in Manchester and the other one is amateur..(haha..this guy is really MU hardcore supporter).


The guy:What’s yours then..?

Me:I only like 2 teams…In Germany it is Bayern Munich…(then the guy sunddenly interfere)

The guy:What a shame…what a shame…haha

Me:Hahaha….While in England I like Newcastle United…

The guy:Ohh…what a shame again..what a shame…haha

Me: (This guy is really getting tougher lahh) the way NU is picking up good results recently. And I know that NU is often dubbed as ‘sleeping giant’…

The guy:Sleeping Giant??? Then when it going to wake up then…hahaha

Me:Haahaha….(I can’t hold anymore..I must respond to his cynical jokes). By the way, what it the recent MU result yaa..?

The guy:OOhh…he’s really knows everything…hahaha (he was talking and nodding to Lutfi)

Me:Yess….(padan muka ko..FYI, MU kalah dengan Chelsea hari tu 2-1)..hahahaha